The Bill Dup

The Bill Dup


A young boy notices a line of ants marching in, right into the house.

His mum says they spell rain but she doesn’t want to get his hopes up...

A charming and linguistically playful story about a boy’s first experience of The Bill Dup—a heady buildup to rain after a long period of drought.

About the author
Zewlan Moor grew up in country Queensland, where adults seemed obsessed by the weather. Most conversations in her town started with ‘Howse about the build up?’ Misheard by her, of course. The Bill Dup was also inspired by a recent news article about a 9-year-old boy who had never seen green grass. When not writing, Zewlan works as a medical doctor and combines her love of medicine and reading through her private bibliotherapy practice, where she prescribes the right book at the right time. Her first name is tricky... it’s pronounced Shoolen! Zewlan currently lives in the Gold Coast.

About the illustrator
Simon O’Carrigan grew up in the lush Blue Mountains and spent summers visiting a family farm replete with red dirt and drought in central New South Wales. He works from his studio in Melbourne’s inner north, creating artworks and illustrations with pencil, ink, watercolour and digital media. When not drawing, he spends as much time outdoors as possible: he likes to run, cycle and kayak by The Yarra or swim at his local pool. He lives with his wife and their fluffy grey rescue cat.