Ship Ahoy! BOX BOY

Ship Ahoy! BOX BOY

There was a boy who loved making things with boxes.

Limited by the space in his backyard and a few cardboard boxes, ‘Ship Ahoy Box Boy’ shows what’s possible with some clever ingenuity and an unlimited imagination.

Ship Ahoy! Box Boy is the latest book from Mal Webster and follows on from his successful book Box Boy.

Influenced by recent lockdowns and home-schooling Mal was inspired to celebrate imagination and creative play within a home environment, showing that with a little inventiveness a world of adventure awaits.

Author / Illustrator

Mal Webster loved drawing from a young age. His school reports often said, ‘Mal is a dreamer,’ as he preferred to gaze out the window and let his imagination drift, instead of concentrating in class. His schoolbooks were often filled with plans for creative inventions like the ‘Homework Machine’. As a boy, Mal loved collecting boxes… He is yet to grow out of this habit.