Little Dolphin

Little Dolphin


Little Dolphin celebrates the level of intelligence and compassion that scientists are only now realising Dolphins possess, and explores the life of a young dolphin as it approaches adulthood.

We follow little dolphin from her difficult birth to her escape through the shark net that traps her mother. She is adopted by a pod that teach her the clicks and whistles of the dolphin language, They also teach her how to use tools (sea sponges) as few other creatures, apart from humans, can do. But when the time comes for her to leave the bay, the little dolphin finds she must use all her skills to help another dolphin that is drowning.

Little Dolphin explores the new-found knowledge we have of these ancient sea mammals. Scientists believe that the system of clicks and whistles dolphins use is a language almost as extensive as our own. 'Inshore' Bottlenose Dolphins face a bleak future from tuna nets (tuna is a major source of food for them), boat propellers and pollution; the latter causing health problems and possibly birth defects, effecting their size.

About the Author and Illustrator

Fine artist Mark Wilson has been illustrating and writing children's books for over twenty years, at the same time exhibiting as a fine artist in many solo and group exhibitions and performing as a musician. Of his numerous popular children's books, the most recent are Stranded!, Angel of Kokoda, Journey of the Sea Turtle, My Mother's Eyes: The Story of a Boy Soldier, The Yellow Turban and Aladdin and The Magic Lamp.

Mark has won many awards for illustration and fine art.