In the Deep Red Desert

In the Deep Red Desert


In the Deep Red Desert explores the wildlife in the Australian dessert through the eyes of a Dingo with information on the animals included at the end of the book.

About the Author & Illustrator

Angie Lionetto-Civa lives in Perth. She shares her life with her husband, their two children, her singing bird Jack, her dancing bird Oscar, her territorial cat Licorice, her adopted cat Whisky and her three chooks! Her passion is teaching children, writing books, reading autobiographies, catching up with her friends and walking. 

Illustrator Christina Booth works from her home based studio surrounded by her garden, family and pets. She is inspired by the natural environment and even though she lives a long way from the desert, loves that it just takes a book, a pencil and her imagination to transport her there. Christina is the author an illustrator of several books. Her most recent book is Kip. Christina lives in Tasmania

Angie and Christina have collaborated on two previous books, In the Deep Green Jungle and In the Deep blue Sea, both of which were notable books in the CBC Book of the Year Awards.