Butterfly Girls - Book 2: Melody and the Music Box

Butterfly Girls - Book 2: Melody and the Music Box


Butterfly Girls follows the adventures of two friends who share a special secret. In their sleepy seaside village of St Ives there’s a park and in the park, under the Eucalypts, there’s a clover patch and inside the clover patch there’s another world.

Introducing a new series for early readers. Join best friends Abby and Eve as they discover the world of the Butterfly Bunnies. A place where magical things happen and the most important thing is friendship.

Abby has her first ballet audition but she’s lost all confidence because of snobby Tiffany Cornish, the new girl in St Ives! Meanwhile in Butterfields, there’s something wrong with Melody’s music box. It keeps changing all the sounds in Butterfields. Melody’s supposed to sing for the King and Queen, at the Butterfields Music Concert but now her beautiful voice sounds horrible. Could it be the Grizzly Moth Hare up to his evil tricks again? How will Abby and Eve find a way to help The Butterfly Bunnies?

About the Author and Illustrator

Anna Pignataro has created lots of books for children, over 40! She has won the Crichton Award for Illustration, been shortlisted for picture book of the year by the CBCA and YABBA. Her most popular books are published in eleven different countries and enjoyed in seven languages. Anna daydreams an awful lot and likes to look at trees and believe it or not, she used to mix magic spells in a witch’s shop. Maybe that’s why she makes up so many stories. Wintertime is her favourite season but she wouldn’t want to be stuck there forever because her hair would go frizzy. Anna made a wish once and it came true so now she makes a wish at least twice a year, maybe even more! She does have a real four-leaf clover but she doesn’t have a tree house, she has to share her daughter, Isabella’s cubby, luckily it’s quite big. Anna lives in Melbourne, in a place just like St Ives.