Warriors tells two stories of major significance in Chinese history: the confronting story of why and for whom the Terracotta Warriors were created; and the unbelievable one of their chance discovery by farmers some 2,000 years later in 1974. 

On a visit to China with his father Vincent learns not only about the Terracotta Warriors but other interesting facts about China. In addition to the traditional narrative the reader is encouraged to find out more information through a series of non-fiction notes scattered throughout the book.

The book is designed to appeal to middle primary children. After spending time with children discussing the book and what they like to read it was decided that the addition of non fiction would make the reading experience more interesting and enriching.

About the author

Krista Bell is an award-winning Melbourne author and an established ABC Radio children’s book reviewer. 

Krista’s 23 popular titles for children include her picture book Peeking Ducks published by Windy Hollow Books in 2010 with illustrations by Sally Rippen.