A Galapagos Day

A Galapagos Day


The first day in the life of a baby sea lion

A baby sea lion’s first day of life can be hazardous. Within an hour of its birth, its mother must leave it to fend for itself while she dives deep to eat enough fish to nourish her baby. This story about one baby sea lion’s first hours, captures the authentic world of Galapagos wildlife.

About the Author and Illustrator

Sarah Martin, historian, enjoys writing creatively and working collaboratively with a graphic artist so that her words come to life in beautiful pictures. Galapagos Day is her first children’s picture book. Her first novel, When Is Forever?, is about family relationships, focusing particularly on the grandparent/grandchild bond, and is about to be released in the US, and she is currently working on the history of Bush Heritage Australia, which will be published in 2016.

Vincent Agostino has been illustrating for over ten years and also taught illustration to keen students for over eight years at Melbourne Polytechnic. 

Picture books he has illustrated include When Elephants Lived in the Sea, which won him the Crichton Award in 2007, My Silent World and Little Chelone. Vincent is currently living in Glasgow, United Kingdom, and working on his next project.